How Much Does a Blue Slip Cost in Sydney NSW

Blue Slip Cost in Sydney NSW

A blue slip is a certificate of roadworthiness for a vehicle in New South Wales (NSW). This examination is to make sure that the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Act is being followed by your car. An unregistered car that has been certified by a mechanic as safe and compliant with all roadworthy criteria is given a blue slip.

Your car needs to pass inspections and receive a certificate of inspection before you can receive a blue slip. All interstate automobiles brought into NSW and owners of unregistered vehicles requires a blue slip. Furthermore, it is important if you want to remove your car with any reputable car removal service like Cash for Car Sydney.

What is the Blue Slip Cost?

The cost of a Blue Slip in Sydney varies based on factors such as the type of vehicle, its age, and any necessary repairs or modifications to meet safety and roadworthiness standards. For accurate and up-to-date pricing information, it is recommended to contact authorized inspection stations or relevant authorities in your region, as costs may differ based on location and specific vehicle requirements.

The cost for blue slip inspections are listed below.


Vehicle Blue slip cost
Light vehicle $67
Motorcycle $41
Trailer with brakes $48
Trailer without brakes $34

The normal maximum fees for the blue slip are listed above.

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What Makes a Blue Slip Examination Necessary?

A blue slip inspection serves the following purposes.

  • Verify the accuracy of the unregistered car details listed in the vehicle’s registration records by doing an identity check. The inspection of the car verifies that the VIN is accurate, readable, and unaltered by corrosion, paint jobs, or damage from normal maintenance.
  • Verifies that the odometer readings on the car are genuine and unaltered.
  • Attest that the car satisfies requirements for roadworthiness.
  • Verifying that necessary repairs to a car that was previously written off have been completed before re-registering is known as a “blue slip.”
  • To verify that light cars that have had their registrations revoked for longer than three months are still roadworthy and adhere to safety inspection requirements.
  • In addition to verifying that an car satisfies manufacturer requirements, a blue slip is required to verify that information that has changed significantly—like a new engine—is accurately documented in the vehicle’s registration records. Additionally, the service centre will verify that an engine that requires the clearing of defect notifications has undergone the necessary repairs. Number plates are not issued to unregistered vehicles until the blue slips check is finished.

For What does a Blue Slip get Checked?

The following will be examined by a blue slip:

  • Brakes
  • The steering mechanism functions properly.
  • Tyres, suspension, wheel bearings, and wheels.
  • reflectors and lights.
  • Wipers and washers for windscreens.
  • Seat belts and seats.
  • The frame of an automobile or motorbike.
  • overall state of the car.

Who is Able to Provide a Blue Slip?

A blue slip for your car or motorcycle can only be issued by a mechanic with a valid NSW license. Roads and Maritime Services will have to have given them a certificate of registration.

Roads and Maritime Services: What Is It?

The government agency in charge of overseeing driver and vehicle registration, traffic safety, and marine licensing in New South Wales is called Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). An authorized mechanic in NSW receives a certificate of registration from them. This enables the mechanic to provide motorcycles and autos with blue slips.

What is the Duration of a Blue Slip Inspection?

A thirty-minute window is all that is needed for a blue slip inspection. It is carried out in a service center with accreditation. During this time, your mechanic will inspect the windscreen wipers and washers, seats, doors, windows, brakes, steering, wheels and tyres, lights and reflectors, horn, and other components. Along with the general state of the vehicle, they will also inspect the frame of the automobile or motorcycle.

Your car or motorcycle won’t be given a blue slip if any of the safety check inspections are unsuccessful. A blue slip will not be given to you until the problem is resolved.

Your mechanic will provide you with a certificate of inspection if your vehicle—a car or motorcycle—passes all safety inspections.

The report on the permitted unregistered vehicle inspection is distributed electronically.

The owner of a light vehicle must then take their unregistered autos to Service NSW to get number plates after receiving the blue slip report. The unregistered car needs to be presented for registration within the 42-day validity period of the report. If not, the validity runs out and you have to go through the blue slip inspection procedure again.

FAQs about Blue Slip, Pink Slip, Green Slip, and Blue Slip in Sydney, NSW

Q1: What is a Blue Slip?

A1: A Blue Slip is a vehicle safety inspection required for unregistered vehicles, ensuring they meet safety and roadworthiness standards.

Q2: When is a Blue Slip needed?

A2: You’ll need a Blue Slip when purchasing an unregistered vehicle, re-registering one that has lapsed, or transferring a vehicle from another state.

Q3: How much does a Blue Slip cost in Sydney, NSW?

A3: Costs vary based on vehicle type and any necessary repairs. Contact authorized inspection stations for accurate pricing in Sydney.

Q4: What is a Pink Slip?

A4: A Pink Slip is an annual inspection for registered vehicles, ensuring they meet minimum safety standards.

Q5: When is a Pink Slip required?

A5: You need a Pink Slip for renewing your vehicle’s registration or transferring it to a new owner.

Q6: What is a Green Slip?

A6: A Green Slip is mandatory third-party insurance covering personal injury in case of a motor vehicle accident.

Q7: Is a Green Slip the same as CTP insurance?

A7: Yes, the Green Slip is often referred to as Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance.

Q8: How does the Blue Slip process work in Sydney, NSW?

A8: In Sydney, visit an authorized inspection station for a comprehensive safety inspection. Costs may include repairs for compliance.

Q9: Can I drive without a Blue Slips in Sydney?

A9: No, driving an unregistered vehicle without a Blue Slip is illegal. Obtain one before hitting the road.

Q10: Where can I get a Blue Slips in Sydney, NSW?

A10: Visit authorized inspection stations in Sydney. Ensure they are accredited for providing Blue Slip services.

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