Road Trip Safety Guide: Ensuring A Smooth Journey For Your Family


Roads will certainly become busier as the Christmas holiday season approaches. Sadly, this increase in traffic leads to more collisions, injuries, and occasionally fatalities. Read through our advice to ensure a safe and timely arrival at your destination whether you are preparing a lengthy trip to see family or are on a road trip at any other time of the year.

Get Your Car Ready

Make sure your car has recently had maintenance before beginning your long travel. Typically, you may do this by looking at the service label that the mechanic placed on the inside of the door or on your windscreen. If your due date is approaching, schedule a servicing for your automobile before you depart.

It doesn’t harm to conduct your own safety check in addition, even if your automobile is still under warranty. This entails inspecting the brake and clutch fluids, as well as the engine oil, gearbox fluid and liquid for windscreen washers. If you are unsure about the right fluid levels for your car, consult the manual for guidance.

Check Tire Pressure Regularly

Regular tyre pressure checks are crucial, and this is particularly true if you have a lengthy trip planned. To check tyre pressure, you can either use a pressure gauge that you have at home or go to your neighborhood gas station. Make sure to also check the spare tire’s pressure and add air if necessary. Once more, consult your vehicle’s user manual if you are unclear about the ideal PSI. While you’re at it, make sure the tyres are in good condition by checking the tread.

Lastly, make sure that all of the warning, headlamp, and indicator lights are working properly. Once the trailer is linked, check your lights if you are towing a trailer or recreational vehicle (such as a caravan, boat/jet ski trailer, etc.

Whether you’re planning a lengthy trip to see family or on a road trip at any time of year, read through our tips to ensure a safe and timely arrival at your destination.

Be Prepared For Anything

Being well-prepared for your vacation also involves being ready for the unforeseen. Even in the event of an emergency or malfunction, you may plan ahead. Car safety organizations advise that you should keep an emergency kit in your vehicle. You may either buy these from auto parts stores or create your own by following our instructions.

Make sure you have a car jack with you in case you have a flat. If you are in a safe place and have the necessary knowledge, you should only try to change a flat tyre. Call your supplier of roadside assistance if you are unclear about either of these, and then wait for assistance.

Make sure your insurance is current and that you are covered for situations when your car cannot be driven, as well as for emergency interim repairs, lodging, transportation, and towing fees.

Make A Route Plan

When getting ready for your trip, locate your location on a map and determine the distance and best route to take to get there. Make sure your route includes breaks of 15-20 minutes every 2 hours as well as probable traffic delays (particularly during the busiest holiday season).

You should try to choose a departure time that will guarantee you get to your destination at a time that is safe and appropriate. At any time of day, but especially at night, it is highly dangerous to drive while fatigued. Most sleep-related car accidents happen between 2 and 6 in the morning, according to the Queensland Department of Transport.

Distribute The Drive

The present road toll is significantly influenced by driver weariness. According to Queensland Transport, it’s common for accidents involving exhaustion to go unreported. It is therefore crucial that the primary driver is well rested before setting out.

It is best to share the driving with others whenever you can, and if you can, rotate frequently. Fatigue-related accidents tend to happen more frequently when the driver is operating alone. If you are sharing the driving, be sure your insurance coverage covers all of the drivers in case an accident occurs while you are driving.

If you need to eat, drink, or navigate while driving, pull over for a break or switch driving duties with a passenger. Doing these things while driving puts you and other drivers in danger.

You must be aware of the warning indications that the driver needs to take a break whether you are the driver or a passenger in the car.

  • Driving too Slowly or Crossing Lane Lines
  • inability to keep to the posted speed limit without good reason
  • Yawning
  • Greater than usual Blinking
  • Observe your eyes briefly shutting or losing focus.
  • Feeling sleepy, worn out, or Exhausted
  • Struggling to maintain your Head High
  • Not being able to recall the last few minutes of driving
  • you’ll have slower reaction times
  • Microsleeping
  • Remain Amused

It need not be boring to travel large distances. No matter if you are driving with companions or kids, keeping everyone amused might assist the driver stay more alert.

The best companion for driving is music, yet arguments can occasionally result from it. To get around this, make a playlist of everyone’s favorite songs and make it into a game where players have to identify the song’s title and artist.

Additionally, there are a tone of enjoyable podcasts that are available, simple to listen to while driving, and frequently really fascinating. Comedy, real crime, contemporary and historical documentaries, fiction, quizzes, discussion shows, and much more are all available. Audiobooks are equally fascinating and interesting if you can’t decide on a podcast.

Here are our tips for ensuring a safe and timely arrival at your destination whether you are preparing a long trip to see family or are taking a road trip anywhere.


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