7 Pro Tips to Boost the Resale Value of Your Car and Get the Best Price

Resale Value of car

Cars are not a reliable investment option. When you drive one away from the showroom, its value drops by about 10–11%. New cars lose an average of 14% of their value within the first three years of ownership, and their worth continues to drop after that.

After four years, even if the car is in pristine condition, its value drops significantly from the original purchase price of $50,000. It’s actual $42,000 may have dropped as low as $37,000. When it comes time to sell, a car that has been in a few accidents and has yet to be well-maintained will fetch even less money.

Maximizing the Value of Your car will help you cut your losses to a minimum, even if it’s nearly impossible to avoid losing some money on your vehicle.

Here are seven strategies by which you will increase the resale value of Your car: 

Gather Your Necessary Documents 

Having your paperwork in order is crucial when selling your vehicle.

Serious purchasers will want to know the car’s history in detail, so be prepared to answer questions regarding the vehicle’s registration, service records, warranties, and ownership.

Do your homework and find out what information you must submit by law in your state of residency. Ask your technician for a copy of your vehicle’s service history if you don’t have one; they should be able to extract records to prove that you’ve kept up with its maintenance.

The more you can tell a potential customer about your car before they buy it, the more confident they will feel in the purchase, and the higher you’ll be able to set the value of Your car.

Check for open recalls on vehicles you already own.

Before cash for cars Brisbane your car, see if any recalls have been issued. Manufacturers of motor vehicles frequently issue recalls for reasons of safety, either voluntarily or involuntarily, because of the risk of death or serious injury to occupants.

Unrepaired recalled vehicles typically sell for less than their original purchase price.

Before putting your car up for sale, ensure it isn’t the subject of a recall. DIY option available via ProductSafety.gov’s Recall portal.

If your vehicle is on the recall list, you must contact the dealership from whom you purchased it and request that the recalled components be replaced before selling it.

Listing Perfection

Your listing will be the first time a potential buyer sees your car, whether online or in a newspaper. So list your car very carefully if you want to increase the Value of Your car. 

Make sure it’s interesting and informative. Try to excite individuals as soon as possible and give them as much information as possible. Emphasize the benefits without becoming excessive.

Get good pictures of your car because they’re worth a thousand words. That doesn’t mean you need to employ a professional photographer; most modern smartphones can capture stunning images that will do your car honor.

Taking your photos in an attractive setting, such as a park or peaceful street, might increase the quality and interest of potential purchasers. Think about the time of day, as it can be difficult to see fine details in a snapshot taken at night, and the sun can be too harsh in the middle of the day. Try to schedule it first thing in the morning or late in the day before it becomes dark. To give the viewer a complete impression of the vehicle, you should use a variety of camera angles.

Avoid Customization

Even if your buddies love the sound of your new subwoofers or you think your huge spoiler looks cool, it could hurt your chances of selling the car if you’ve customized it too much.

Most consumers in the second-hand automobile market are interested in something other than modified cars. 

Remember that only some have the same interest, and a bad paint job can offend the ordinary customer. Your opinion of the car’s value has no bearing on the car’s actual market value.

Make sure your car is well maintained.

  • Keeping the car in good condition throughout life will increase its resale value.
  • Cars that have been well cared for typically fetch a higher price at auction.
  • It’s important to remember that buyers place less value on items that have been poorly cared for.

Some maintenance tasks that can help keep your car looking good are:

  • Maintaining timely and routine auto maintenance
  • Protecting the vehicle from the elements by storing it indoors or under cover.
  • Protecting the paint from acidic chemicals, such as bird poop.
  • Maintaining a spotless, vacuumed interior (professional cleaning of the interior is recommended before to sale)
  • Keep the glass clean and fix any breaks that you find regularly.
  • Take care to avoid tracking pet hair by using a towel to dry off your dog after a day at the beach.
  • Don’t light up in the car since the odor of smoke permeates everything.
  • Repair any tiny dents or scrapes using your insurance, as these may put off potential purchasers.

Keep Meticulous Records.

Documenting your vehicle’s maintenance history is essential to increase the Value of Your car for sale. Cars needing to include necessary documentation may be safe.

When purchasing something as costly as a car, everyone wants to know they won’t be stranded.

If you want to get the cash for your used cars sale, showing potential buyers that you took it in for regular maintenance at a certified repair center is essential.

Have your mechanic stamp the logbook at each service they perform.

There appears to be an agreement amongst professionals that dealership service is preferable to that of independent garages or other providers, despite the latter’s or the former’s competence.

Sharpen Your Photographic Abilities.

The success or failure of an online car sale sometimes hinges on the quality of the images posted.

More people will be interested in purchasing your car if you take professional-quality images. You might expect a higher selling price if there are more potential buyers.

If you want your car to stand out to potential buyers as they peruse carsales or Facebook marketplace advertisements, take the pictures on a sunny day.

If you are still determining your photographic abilities, share-economy applications like Airtasker reveal that photographers provide their talents for as little as $50 to $75.


It would be best to be practical and honest about how much your car costs. You won’t be able to double the asking price of your car if you try to Car Removal Sydney. Start on the right foot by pinpointing your highest possible return. The quicker you sell the vehicle, the better. As a result, attracting more people can be just as crucial.

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