A Complete Study On Number Plates


The vehicles are identified based on the number plates. Using a number plate to secure its identity is a fool-proof way to protect your vehicle from any danger. Vehicles that are not registered don’t have number plates. Hence, they can be used in any fraudulent activity.   

If you sell your vehicle for cash for car removal Sydney, the registered ones will benefit you more than those not registered.   

Register it immediately after you buy a vehicle and acquire a number plate to ensure security. The number plates help in the following two matters:  

  • Ownership Records   

With the number plate on your vehicle, you own the car’s title. You must have the ownership to be considered as an actual possessor.   

  • Identification   

Number platen is a proven identification of your vehicle. Searching for the car becomes easy with the number plates on in case of any theft or robbery.   

Vehicles of the same brand and model are recognized through the concept of allocating different series of numbers on them.   

Certain situations may arise regarding the number plates, and we have laid down the competition procedure for your better guidance.   

Case 1: Order Special Number Plates or Restyle Your Existing One 

If you want to customize your number plates with specific colors, letters or style, you must order specially following the mentioned requirements.  

What You Need? 

  • Email address 
  • Your driver license number or customer number if a business 
  • The proposed content for your new number plates 
  • Your payment 

 How to Order? 

  1. Select the Order online button. 
  2. Select your vehicle type. 
  3. Enter your proposed content to check if it’s available. 
  4. Select Proceed
  5. Select a plate style. 
  6. Select Add to order
  7. Select Checkout
  8. Enter the required information to verify ownership. 
  9. Confirm your order. 
  10. Select your delivery method
  11. Enter your payment details
  12. Submit your order. 

More Information: 

  • Direct Delivery? 

The number plates are delivered to your address within 7 to 21 days of the order placement. You must show your ID to receive the new plate and return the older one.  

If you are not home at delivery, the package will be left at the nearest postal station and kept there for 10 days only. You must return your old plates to the Australian Port Outlet within 7 days of receiving your new number plates.   

  • Pickup from NSW Service Center? 

Delivery to your nominated service station will take 21 days from the day of purchase. You’ll receive the information when your plates are ready to collect. However, your documents must be prepared at the time of collection.   

If you don’t receive any information on your customized plates within 28 days, you must contact the team on the numbers available on the website. 

Case 2: Replace Number Plates  

In case your number plates are damaged or worn out, you must get them replaced. The content and style will not vary but only a request for a number plate in good condition.  

What You Need? 

  • Email address 
  • The number plate details 
  • Your driver license number or customer number if a business 
  • The old number plates 
  • Your Payment. 

How to Order? 

  1. Select the Order online button. 
  2. Enter your existing plate number. 
  3. Select Continue
  4. Enter the required information to verify ownership. 
  5. Confirm your order. 
  6. Select your delivery method
  7. Enter your payment details
  8. Submit your order. 

 The rest of the details on the receiving or non-receiving of the number plates follows the same pattern as ‘acquiring a new number plate.’ 

Case 3: Auxiliary Number Plates  

If the area of the number plate is obscured by a bike rack or mobile device rack, you must have an auxiliary number plate. They are the smaller copies of your vehicle’s original number plates, allowing the plate to be seen clearly.   

What You Need? 

  • Your name and email address 
  • NSW plate number 
  • Driver license number or customer number if a business 
  • Your postcode 
  • Your payment.

How to Order? 

  1. Select the Order online button. 
  2. Select Order now
  3. Enter the required information to verify ownership. 
  4. Confirm your order. 
  5. Enter your postcode to locate your nearest Service NSW Centre. 
  6. Enter your payment details
  7. Submit your order. 

More Information: 

The plates will be delivered to your nominated service center within 21 days. You will be informed about the documents to be submitted while collecting your number plate.  

Case 4: Report Lost or Stolen Number Plates  

If your number plates have been stolen, lost, or destroyed, you must report them to the NSW police force before visiting the service station. The service center will make you acquire a new plate through a process designed for this case.   

What You Need? 

  • The PDF form – ‘Number plates and/or cancellation of registration application’ 
  • Access to a printer 
  • Your Proof of identity
  • A method of payment for your new number plate
  • The remaining plate 

If your number plates were stolen, you’ll also need: 

  • The COPS Event Number (issued to you by the Police)

How to Order? 

  1. Download and complete the number plates and/or cancellation of registration application. 
  2. Gather the required documentation and your remaining plate. 
  3. Visit a service center and submit your application, with payment.
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